Mimosa rise above the same-old breakfast lunch in Naples

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Just as mimosas add a sparkling edge to a breakfast drink, Mimosa introduces a refreshing bright spot for brunch in Naples.

Mimosa plans to rise above the same-old breakfast lunch eatery by soon launching a mimosa bar that will do more than add Champagne to orange juice, said Tolya Netid, who co-owns the new restaurant with his wife, Natalia Rotaru.

“We want to have a mimosa bar,” Netid said. “We want to offer different flavors such as pomegranate,mango, peach, raspberry and any flavors we can do.”

The mimosa bar, which also will have Bloody Mary cocktails and wine and beer, may be just the right feature to make a difference in a space that mostrecently was The Cafe atTanglewood and Toast in Tanglewood Marketplace, the retail center anchored by Outback Steakhouse on U.S. 41 North in Naples.

The new owners are natives of Moldova, an Eastern European republic that was a member of the former Soviet Union. Netid and Rotaru left Moldova in 2007 on work and travel visas but did not know each other until they met while employed at the Four Seasons Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. They relocated to the Naples area about seven years ago, and both have worked in hospitality since then at the Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort.

The couple have had their green cards for many years and became U.S. citizens in Decem-ber. The pair, who live on Marco Island with their two young sons, took over their new restaurant space earlier this month from Brandi Lostracco, who befriended them at the Marco Marriott.

Breakfast items remain fairly constant, but the blue pages designating lunch choices are different.

The lunch menu is where we changed the most,” Netid said. “Breakfast, we kind of kept it the same. Of course, patrons can order off either color menu at any time, creating a brunch-like atmosphere for breakfast or lunch. So diners can enjoy a salad for breakfast or an omelet for lunch.”

“The addition of more seafood selections is one of the major changes,” Netid said. “Fish options include salmon Benedicts and omelets, grilled mahi mahi tacos, grouper sandwiches and Reubens, and beer-battered Atlantic cod for fish and chips.”

Healthy menu sections include egg-white omelets and garden scrambles, as well as turkey or chipotle black bean burgers on multi-grain buns, and veggie,tuna salad or chicken Caesar wraps.

“We know that a lot of people are looking to eat healthy.People like it,” Netid said.

Along those lines, Netid stresses the importance of the quality of his food and beverages.

“When I go somewhere, I am looking for quality, so I want to bring that to the restaurant” he said.

Because of the quality difference, he is changing the coffee and iced tea served to Fidalgo Coffee Roasters, a small company based in the Seattle area.

“I am sure people are going to love this coffee,” Netid said. It’s my favorite coffee ever. I’m all about quality.”

The restaurant also features breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, French toast, salads, soups, pitasburgers and quesadillas. Indoor and outdoor seating are available.

Mimosa, 4910 U.S. 41 N., is open 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. everyday.

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